Sunday Spotlight:

Whether you’re looking for possible entries in one of the many historical reading challenges now under way or simply searching for a new book, should be your first stop. This historical fiction reader’s dream boasts “over 5000 historical novels organized by time and place”, but also includes a blog with author interviews, book reviews, and news on the latest historical novels to be nominated for and win awards.

A note from the site creator sums up the reasons why so many of us are captivated by historical fiction. She writes:

“It is often said that those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it. By blending history and fiction, a good historical novel lets us do more than simply read history: it lets us participate in the hopes, fears, passions, mistakes and triumphs of the people who lived it. It gives us an emotional as well as an intellectual understanding of the past.”

Although there are many wonderful book blogs out there, is set apart by its listing of historical novels categorized by time period and geographical region. Many with a love of history are interested in a diverse group of eras and places but I believe that most of us are especially drawn to one period. Whether your interest lies in Napoleonic France or Roman Britain the detailed listing allows you to find novels set in that favourite era. This comes in handy for anyone working towards a reading challenge goal.

Each broader category is further divided. For example, The Renaissance heading has sub-categories for Young Adults, The British Isles, Mysteries, and The Continent. Novel listings include the author, book title, year of publication, and a brief summary of the work.

For younger readers there is even a special section dedicated to Young Adult historical fiction. In my experience it is harder to find historical novels geared at a younger audience so this is a wonderful feature. Like the rest of the site, Young Adult fiction is broken down by time period into Ancient History, Medieval, and Renaissance.

Blogger Margaret Donsbach writes on the home page that her “goal is to enrich your appreciation of historical fiction by helping you find books that thrill you, move you, disturb you – but above all, awaken your mind and imagination.”

Certainly in my case she has succeeded. can be visited here.



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4 responses to “Sunday Spotlight:

  1. That’s a daunting undertaking. An interesting resource.

  2. Thanks for summing up my website so beautifully! It’s been a great experience putting it together. All the books I’ve been reviewing have really enriched my life. The YA section is still in the early stages of development, with sections for medieval and renaissance novels, but I am working on a 17th century section and at some point (maybe by this summer) it will include all the same time and place categories as the adult listings.

    • Chelsea

      You’re very welcome Margaret! As you can tell, I think the site is a fantastic idea and I’ve really enjoyed browsing it for future reads. I hope it continues to be as rewarding an experience for you as browsing it is for visitors like me.

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